Thinking about life, i will simply say that life has a way of drawing your attention. When things happen you begin to make decisions based on the understanding and knowledge you have, your experiences, your values, your faith. As it all works together, you discover purpose. As you make more discoveries about life, you make more decisions and that is how purpose is lived out. If I was to summarise, I must say that the more you live your life in God, the more your chances of living a life of purpose. Dove Eyes
How did it all start for me? My first port of call was discovering God Himself. I discovered that I could find God for myself, have a personal relationship with Him and live by faith towards Him. Living by faith towards Him ensured that my needs were met in miraculous ways. I had my first healing experience. It was just amazing to discover that the God who created the universe was concerned about my everyday issues. I found Him for myself and I believe that is the first step in discovering purpose, discover God for yourself. It releases you from fear, hopelessness and uncertainty which would make it impossible to live full or purposeful lives. Only God can do that for you.
After discovering God for myself, I discovered that faith works by obedience. I learnt to live in obedience- obedience to God. Living purposefully depends on living right before God. And to live right we must live in obedience to His word. He taught me how to live obediently. I discovered that, if I wanted my life to make sense, or add up, I needed to live right. It was not easy but He made it possible. I fell over myself a couple of times but just dusted by backside and kept going. With time, I fell less often. Obedience is not easy but by the Spirit of God it is possible. You will get past your excesses, your inadequacies, your fears and walk in faith and obedience. You will be able to rise up in faith and walk with God to fulfil His purposes in your life.
I made, yet another discovery-that pain is a huge part of living out your purpose. Pain can make or break you. The decision is yours. However when you live by purpose, you learn to dust up yourself and keep going. At some point, I Iost my Mum and daughter six months apart. Life had to continue with my head up, looking up to God. At another time I lost a business after giving it all I had. I had the choice to sit around feeling sorry for myself, but I chose to just keep going. I had to learn to keep going despite what life throws at me. That is the only way I can fulfil purpose. After my baby died, I did not have a clue how life would play out, but eventually I had four other children, now 19, 17, 15 and 13. A boy and three girls. What more could I ask. I learnt that after the rain, sunshine must come. There will always be something to look forward to.
In discovering purpose, I also began to discover myself. My utmost likes and dislikes. My dreams, the things I really wanted. For example, I want to be successful in life, but I want to have it all beside my husband and children. I don’t want one at the expense of the other. I discovered my likes and dislikes. I discovered gifts and talents. I discovered I am an exhorter and love to encourage people. That is how Dove Eyes was born. I love to write but never thought much about it. I understood it was a gift. I stopped taking it for granted, I wrote my first book. I began to take myself more seriously, realising that fulfilling purpose is hinged on appreciating myself more, realising I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that I matter in God’s scheme of things. I am not an accident of nature. I did not just show up. I am a carefully thought out plan of God. On a mission specific to me.
The greatest understanding I have is that living a life of purpose is not a chance thing. When they say, what will be will be, it’s not exactly true. You have a say in what happens in your life. Don’t allow yourself walk aimlessly through life. You could even understand your purpose and not be able to walk it because of life’s distractions. Fulfilling purpose is not automatic. You need to walk guardedly and intentionally to enter into the fullness of what God has for you. What that does for me is keep me on my toes. Like Paul in the Bible, I never feel I have attained. There is always more. I keep pushing the bar up for more.That keeps my life going. Sometimes the pace may be slow but it is moving.
Always remember, there is Someone who has ultimate superintendence over your life. His name is Jesus. He has called you to a life of purpose. You can only get the best of your relationship with Him when you walk in faith. That is the only thing that pleases Him. Just keep your eyes on Him and take that giant leap of faith, trusting Him all the way. He can never disappoint you. You can trust Him. You can depend on Him. He never fails. I dare to say that.
Chinwe Kalu
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