I have been doing an audit of my walk with God. What is that, someone would ask? I have been a born again Christian for 24 years. That is a long time. Children who were born in 1989 when I started this walk are now getting married. I have children in the Lord who have children. I have been at it for a while.back_to_basics

In all the years we have heard all kinds of theories and teachings. We have tried all kinds of things trying to live out our faith. It becomes necessary as I enter the phase of bringing it all together to ask myself questions. I am now too old not to know what I am doing, too old for trial and error. I have to be sure of what I am doing. So I have been asking myself what really worked. What were the things in my walk with God that really worked?

As I asked myself the question, I found myself going down memory lane and found two things that worked every time-faith in God’s word and prayer. Did I say every time? Let me say most of the time. I cannot explain the times they did not seem to work. But despite my experience in those rare times, I would still say faith in God’s word and prayers were my best bets.

I remember the time, my husband Ike wanted to move from Auditing to Marketing. It was such an unlikely move. How could it ever happen? We stood on Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created…….. We learnt that the word created is a Hebrew word ‘barah’ that means to create out of nothing. We began to pray that God would create a role for Ike in the Marketing Department. Just after we began to pray, by a series of events totally orchestrated by God Himself, Ike moved to the Marketing Department. He became the New Product Development Manager. He held that role for a while and after him no one else did till he left that organization. It appeared that the role was created just for him. God actually ‘barahed’ it.

I remember another one- when we rented our first apartment. We had been sharing an apartment with another newly married couple who were friends of ours. Actually, they graciously gave us a room in their house. We needed to move. We wanted a little apartment, in a nice neighborhood. We wanted an apartment that would not need any repairs or renovation. We were asking for a lot, especially since we did not have any money. We began to pray. Philippians 4:19, My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Then we began to learn about sowing and reaping. We decided to give Ike’s housing allowance for the year as a seed for a church project. It was all we had, but it could not fetch us what we were asking God for, so we sowed it-and continued to pray. By another series of events, again orchestrated by God Himself, we moved into a newly painted and fixed apartment, with all its keys and even mosquito nets in place. The landlady returned someone’s complete rent to collect the bit we had on the understanding that we would pay after 2 weeks.

Two weeks were up, we were still praying but the money did not come. By some fluke, a friend of hours visited us about this time, gave us the cheque for the balance as a loan, and eventually wrote it off as our anniversary gift. Quite a series of events, you would say, but that was how we solved our accommodation issues as a young couple. I have several other Word based answered prayers. Is it healing, giving birth, provision, protection, miracles?  There are loads of them.

Remember, I am doing an audit. There were 3 that seemed unanswered. When my mother died, when my daughter died and when my business failed. Like I said before, I don’t have answers for these ones, but I have four children now. If that is not compensation, tell me what is. My Mum, I still miss her and if anything gave me consolation, it was that her very troubled life had transited to perfect peace.  She got to know the Lord before going home. My business, lots of things have happened since then that makes me understand, that it is being worked together for my good. That story is not yet over.

All in all my experience tells me that I must continue to hold onto the Word in prayer and faith-That is the only thing that does not fail. God’s word will deliver over and over again. If it did it before, it will do it again. It does not get tired, it does not get confused, and it cannot deny itself. It will rise up again and again.

Over the years we have heard of oil, water, midnight prayers, and incantations- all kinds of stuff. Most of them do not really have their roots in Christianity but in pagan practices people try to bring into their faith. Luckily, I attended a church where those practices were never encouraged, so I never really got into them. That is not to say I did not try them, but they always fizzled out and boiled down to the basics of faith in the word and prayers.  I appreciate the men of God that have been raised in our generation but I did not also go from camp ground to camp ground. I would get tapes and books instead. I just stayed with the Word in faith and prayer. That is what has brought me thus far.

What is the conclusion of the matter? As I go into the high points of my life-true prosperity, wisdom, taking territories for God, my children coming into full awareness of their faith, my husband entering into the place of influence in the market place, I realise that all I still have is faith in the Word and prayer.

I read a book by Gloria Copeland recently titled Walk With God. She got a prophesy from the Lord. It read like this: Near the end of 1982, I heard a prophesy that changed my life. The Lord gave me direction and instruction.  This word from the Lord impressed on me that I would just give a tithe of my time, an hour or two a day to the Lord, all would be well, my life would be changed and empowered. At the time, I especially thought about my family. I needed things well in my family.

One result of this exhortation by God’s Spirit is that God led me to pray in the Spirit, an hour each day. …....It has been more than 20 years since I decided to spend an hour or two with God every day. It has been of major importance to my spiritual growth and the well being in my present life. I sincerely believe that all my needs are met abundantly today because I obeyed this instruction. My children are serving the Lord. My grandchildren are well and happy. My children have blessed and happy marriages and they are prospering. We are all well.

Ken and I are still happy and in love with each other for 46 years. I believe we have run the race God set before us and obeyed His will for our lives up to this present day. Yes, I am still spending at least an hour in prayer every morning……..

Gloria Copeland has gone down the road I am about to walk. Hear the rest of it. But this prophesy wasn’t just for me. It was to the church. Spending time with God every day for an hour or two in His presence-in prayer, in the Word, praising Him, in services- will change your lives as well.

I titled this piece Back to the Basics because that is what this prophesy amounts to. We need to stop looking for solutions everywhere but where they are. We need to stop running around. We need to be calm in Him. We need to dig into the Word prayerfully to search out His will for our lives and follow it with all our hearts. The answers for every issue in our lives are in Him and nowhere else. No matter where we run to, until we go to Him, stay with Him and allow Him to come through for us, we will not be happy. It is in Him we must live and move and have our being Acts 17:28. Like Gloria Copeland, I testify that my most remarkable solutions I found in Him-through faith in His Word and prayer. I have come to the full realization that the future I want is also going to be found through the same tools. Not slightly modified, funkified or modified. They are not subject to the goings on of the 21st century. They cannot be millennium compliant because they are eternal. They have always been and will always be. That is why they never fail.

Folks, My companions on this ride, do we have a choice? I can safely answer that. We don’t. If you really check, you will agree that I am correct. I am staying with the tools I know to be unfailing. I have come too far with them to let go now. In fact, now I am about to dig even deeper into the Word-the prophets, the poetry. Unravel some more the things Paul was trying to say. Understand the mysteries of the Kingdom as they apply to these end times. Understand what God means when He says, Revelation 11:15 “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” Understand what He means by Romans 8:19 Creation waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. There is so much yet to unravel, it will take another lifetime to just get a little of it. I will pray into His perfect will and manifest the fullness of His plan for my life and my family. That is my reasonable service.

Like Gloria says, I have come to understand that The important thing is to do what God tells us to do and be consistent in the things of God. Spending time in eternal things is not like spending time in the affairs of this world. Your prayers are eternal, and eternal things never end. They have everlasting reward.

I agree with her totally. What do you say? Ck