1 Samuel 17:12-50 (The Message Bible)

Enter David. He was the son of Jesse the Ephrathite from Bethlehem in Judah. Jesse, the father of eight sons, was himself too old to join Saul’s army. Jesse’s three oldest sons had followed Saul to war. The names of the three sons who had joined up with Saul were Eliab, the firstborn; next, Abinadab; and third, Shammah. David was the youngest son. While his three oldest brothers went to war with Saul, David went back and forth from attending to Saul to tending his father’s sheep in Bethlehem……….

The MessageDavid & Goliath

The year is still new but is running so fast. With all the negative reports from the economy-Oil prices are crashing, the Naira is being devalued etc, there is a need to have confidence in Whom we have believed. We find all kinds of obstacles in our lives. I call them giants. These giants are constantly working to make sure we don’t come to the fullness of what God has in store for his children.  The enemy wants us to operate in fear and despair. We will not allow ourselves be robbed of that which is available to us in God. All our dreams we will possess. The question is how do we build our confidence to take on our giants?

I read our text for today and decided that there are five survival stones we can use in defeating the giant. David had five stones in his pouch and only used one. But let us look at the five stones.

First stone: Our confidence must be in God alone. We cannot afford to put your confidence in anything or anyone else-not money in the bank, not our connections, not our hard work, not our education, not our pedigree-On nothing else but God. David was able to take down a mighty giant with just a stone. This is a giant who has been threatening the entire Israeli army. His trust was in the God of the Israel armies. Cursed is he who trusts in the arm of the flesh. It is not about having skills, or being powerful. It is about trusting God implicitly. He is the only one who will never fail.

Second Stone: We must have a goal. Am sure you have heard and read this so many times. But have you done it? A goal is not a pipe dream or a wish. Or our imagination going hay ware. A goal is something we truly want to accomplish. We should take it a step further and write it down. Announce it to yourself and the whole world. What was David’s goal? He wanted to kill Goliath. He told anyone who cared to listen. Until we write down our goals, they are just pipe dreams. Imagine that there are so many written goals that did not make it to fruition. What chance does an unwritten one have? I can tell you, almost zero. Write down your goals. And put them in your regular sight. Not in a dairy you read monthly. Paint the goals as loud as you can, just to keep them before you, all the time.Goals

Third Stone: Put together a plan to actualize your goal. Goals without plans cannot come to fruition. In fact what makes a goal receive life is the plan to accomplish it. Until you have a plan, it does not amount to much. Make sure the plan is suitable for you. David’s plan was to use stones to bring Goliath down. They tried to give him amour but he could not move in them. So he went back to his original plan. The plan must work for you or else, it won’t get you to the desired destination.

Fourth Stone: Trust the walk you have with God. Sometimes when I look at the plans I have made for this year, I feel a sense of intimidation and despair. They look so impossible. But then, like David, I remind myself of the walk I have had with God. Like David, He has seen me through the lion and the bear and He will see me past this present giant. Has He done anything in your life to date, begin to shout those things at the giants that stand before you today? He has healed me in the past. He has provided for me in the past. He has delivered me in the past. He will do it one more time. The God who has been with me on the sixth occasion will never abandon me on the seventh one. God is faithful. If He did A He can also do B and down to Z.

Fifth Stone: Follow through to the end. Don’t stop half way. As stupid as it looked, David actually put his hand into his purse and brought out the first stone and threw it at Goliath. If anyone told you that a young teenager’s stone would kill a giant that loomed before him, who would have believed? It just does not add up. But he followed through and that gave him the giant. So please do not look at the possibility or impossibility of the goal and plans you have, just keep going. Execute your plans to the letter. The power of God will come into the picture and do the impossible. What looks impossible to you will suddenly become possible. That giant or those giants will suddenly disappear before you. Don’t allow negative feeling, facts, financial reports, medical diagnosis, despair, intimidation, fear or anything else stop your execution. You will step right into your dream and live it just like you envisioned it. Just follow through.

You have to build confidence with your five stones to get to the Promised Land. Life will always present giants as you attempt to live the life of your dreams. The fact that giants show up does not mean you cannot live your dreams. All you have to do is pick up your five stones and start walking towards your dream. That is what will make them happen. However, if you walk away, that’s it. Imagine if David had not come to the rescue, that giant would have made mockery out of the entire Israeli army. God is still doing the impossible in people’s lives today. He is still bringing giants down with little pebbles. Remember, God perfects the things that concern us. Just stay with Him and He will be right there through it all. He is faithful and will never let you down. He says in His word, ‘No one’s ever seen or heard anything quite like it-what God has arranged for those who love Him’ (1 Corinthians 2:9). He also says, ‘I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for, the year you hope for’ (Jeremiah 29:11).

Sometimes I ask myself why God allows the giants. I realize that every giant we overcome makes us stronger and as we go through makes us more like God, in strength, character and purpose. We just become better people. The giants will always show up. We will simply stand up to them and eventually get past them. That is the key to unlocking our dreams. Ck