3rd John 2
I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well

We had a question and answer session in church after a series of teachings in church. Someone sent in the question, does God still heal? My first instinct was to begin to rebuke the person who asked the question? Thank God I could not see him. He sent an SMS to my pastor’s phone. However as I gave it more thought, I realized the question was legitimate. He had the right to ask questions.  As God would have it, a few days later my oldest daughter asked me, ‘Mummy, can I ask God to heal me if I have a headache?’ She felt it was too trivial to take to the Lord.

To answer the question, my pastor told this beautiful testimony. He and his wife were in Sudan and she developed this excruciating stomach pain. They did not have access to good medical care so they decided to pray and the pain went away. That was healing right there. But that is not the story.  A few years later, while my pastor’s wife was receiving infertility treatments, the doctor who examined her asked her if she had had her appendix removed. She had never had surgery in her appendix and she told him so. He had observed that the appendix was neatly cut off. She put the events of her life together and realized that was what the Lord did to her stomach to stop the pain she had had earlier.

As God would have it again, that morning I had prayed before going to church, that the Lord would give me a word on healing. I was praying about a health issue and had actually envisioned a situation where when I go to hospital for something else, there would be some kind of evidence of the fact that God had been there. So the testimony was an answer to my prayer that morning. I had my word.

It is so easy to narrow God’s power to our experiences and understanding. But God is much bigger that our experience. He does what He does in our lives, not to prove what He can do, but to fulfill who He is to us by covenant. He is our loving Father.

Healing is part of the Salvation Package. When sin came into our world, our bodies became subject to decay. Even though we are alive, the dying process is constantly at work. My pastor once referred to us as walking cadavers.  It was such an apt description.  Living yet dead.

When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for us to live again. He gave us access to the life-giving power in His shed blood. We no longer subject to the dying process, rather we are now living under the life giving power that only being in relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, can give.  As born again believers, we are no longer under the curse of death that plagued man.

Yet, so many believers die from sickness. So many are ailing in one way or the other.  What is the problem? Why are we unable to access the life He has so freely given us? Do we lack faith? Or do we think it is impossible. What is the matter?

Some people think it requires great faith to access God’s healing power. How sad. We already have access to His healing power. Jesus gave it to us. All we need to do is believe and reach out for it in faith. We have all the faith we need, the same faith that believes Jesus is Lord. The faith that saved us. The Bible calls it ‘the measure of faith’. That is all we need. The Bible says we only need ‘mustard seed’ faith to receive the impossible from God.

However I heard something from Pastor Creflo Dollar recently. He said that unbelief gets in the way of our believing God. Unbelief annuls our faith and we are unable to get what we need from God.  Unbelief is manifested through giving too much thought to the problem, worrying that things are not going as desired or fear of what could happen if God does not come through.

Unbelief is also sustained through four things, ignorance of what God says about healing, disbelief because of false information previously received, sensitivity to the natural (what you see, hear, feel, sense) and lastly, hardness of heart towards the things of God.  I immediately identified where my problem was. I was too close to my senses. I began to pray dangerous prayers to cut the connection between my senses and my faith. It became my prayer, night and day.

I spoke to my mind, ‘You will not care because you have cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you’, ‘You will not worry, because God knows you need to be healed’, ‘ You will not be anxious, because we have made our supplications to the Lord, who will take care of it,’ and ‘You will not be afraid because the Lord is with you’.

What is standing in your way to get the healing you need? It has to be one of the four.  The good thing is that once the problem is exposed, the solution has come. The Bible puts it like this, ‘the folly of Jannes and Jambres is made manifest, it will go no further’.  It becomes your Aha moment, the moment faith steps in to appropriate what has always been yours.

What has the enemy laid on you by way of ill-health?  Whether it is as small as a headache or as big as cancer, God’s power is available to you. Take it by faith. The faith you already have. But get rid of the unbelief, because you can. God has done all things well. The problem is always on our side. We are unable to take what He has given. When believers die, we look on the bright side, they are with God, but they did not have to go yet.  If we are supposed to die from sickness, then why did He provide healing for us? Think about it.

As for me, I pray about headaches, toothache, stomach pain. My default mode when I have a problem is prayer. Before hospital. Not that I have anything against doctors, far from it. I just understand they have limitations, they don’t know it all. I learnt that when I lost my daughter many years ago.  They are subject to all manner of things that make it impossible to be right all the time. God does not have that problem. He knows the problem and has the perfect solution- all the time. Answer to the question, God still heals.