Valentine is here again. It brings with it so much excitement. For us in the Dove Eyes House, we are super excited. Why, you may ask? Dove Eyes as a ministry of hope and encouragement will be 10 years old this year, 2018.

We hit the air waves in April 2008 and have not looked back since. It has been a long journey but one that has truly helped to shape me into the woman I am today.  What are we all about?

Dove Eyes with Chinwe Kalu is a 30 minute weekly contemporary, inspirational and motivational show. I, Chinwe Kalu, host the show. My intention is to inspire, motivate and entertain young people through beautiful motivating stories and insightful discussions.  I have hosted several Nigerian influencers- Fela and Tara Durotoye, Lanre Olusola,  Pastor Nike Adeyemi, Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin to mention a few.

My core target is the 21st century young woman in particular but I find young men like to listen to us. So we are generally gender friendly. I try to emphasize the relevance of Godly wisdom life principles to everyday young people issues. I am interested in the young woman from the point she enters university to when she gets married and has her children, in the first few years of marriage. Our discussions are to help her make wise choices along the way to enable her live her best life.

I sincerely feel that young women within this age bracket are under attack. I like to think of it as the “21st Century Malaise”. We find that our world is full of broken, hurting, confused and even destroyed young people and women in particular. They are struggling between two worlds- what their parents, who belong to another generation, told them, and the e-information of their generation. They are not really sure who or what to follow. So we find them tottering trying to be socially correct.

I just think there is a better way – A road that has been tried, tested and proven, that works no matter what generation we belong to. Is it possible that God created people to become victims of the times they were born into? I just do not believe so. If our God given mandate is to rule, dominate, and subdue, why do we have so many young people finding it impossible to fulfil that mandate? They make poor choices and render themselves victims of a wicked world.

So the Dove Eyes with Chinwe Kalu Show tries to give Godly counsel without preaching at people. Before now we have focused on real life and every day issues young people deal with-self-discovery and development, career issues, building relationships before and after marriage, living by core values, entrepreneurship, nation building etc.

However, for 2018, we will be focusing on building strong families. The family is the bedrock of society and if families can be strong, then society will be better for it. We will be looking at marriage and all its ramifications. We realise that the marriage institution has been hit by a cyclone and has to a large extent gone out of whack. Young people are no longer sure what is true and what isn’t. We need to provide Godly counsel to help them make wise choices, especially in this area.

If I can get young people, especially the women-to think straight, make wise choices in the area of marriage ie appreciate and love themselves, be their best selves, get into wholesome relationships, marry the right people, have great marriages and raise Godly children- that would be my contribution to ensuring we all get the Nigeria we all hope for. If they choose to work hard, maximise their potential, not allow life defeat them, that would mean a generation far better than what we have now.

On the other hand where people have made mistakes, my commitment is not to judge them but help them retrace their steps and find their feet again, despite the issues they have been through or the challenges they face trying to make their come-backs.   

I thank God for technology which makes it possible to take my message beyond the studio out to the whole world with digital amplification, public speaking engagements as well as my write ups. My first book, Dove Eyes, My Journey to Finding Purpose, is currently available in both hard and soft copy.  I also have a weekly devotional on all the telco VAS services-MTN, Airtel and Glo in Nigeria. Also my website is a motivational resource with many of my write ups. My newest baby would be our going live on You Tube. It will take off Second quarter 2018. 

So on this platform-Dove Eyes with Chinwe Kalu platform, I would really love that we engage in serious discussions around building strong families. It is a candid and open platform where we can all express our thoughts, wrong or right. The idea is to bring everyone back to what God planned for the family and how we can go about doing it despite the times we are in.

Welcome to Dove Eyes With Chinwe Kalu