Romans 10:17
So faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. 
In my last post, I believe I established the fact that the way of faith is the way God intended that believers should go. It is the path to pleasing God. It is not a path of last resort when everything else has failed but the only way to go. It may seem too simple or difficult, yet it is the way to go. It delivers the goods, no matter what they are, plus so much more, at the end of the day.
Having established that, the next question would be, How do I build my faith? The interesting thing is that we all live by faith, one way or the other. When we enter a plane, there is a certain confidence we have that we will get to our destination despite the fact that we don’t understand how the plane works.
When we go to bed at night, we don’t all wake up, but to a large extent, we expect to wake up the next morning. We have faith in our connections. We have faith in our successes.We have faith in our bank accounts. We have faith in our educational qualifications. You need to hear Harvard, Yale or Cambridge graduates when they talk.
The truth is that, to some extent we live by faith. The problem, however, is that all the things we have faith in can fail. Not one of them can guarantee the outcomes we expect. That is why, even the best of airlines have accidents, people go to bed and don’t wake up, big financial institutions crumble, millionaires become poor. The list is endless. That is why we must build our faith on something that can never fail. What can that be? God through His word.
How does that work? Is it possible to trust the Word of God for everything pertaining to life and it will deliver? My answer is yes, yes and yes again. What is this word? The Bible. Not commentaries, not motivational books, not the Secret, not any of the Laws that we read these days-just the Bible.
Why the Bible? Because it is a complete representation of who God is, what He thinks, how He operates and how He wants to deal with us. He left nothing out. He has something to say about everything and anything. All you have to do is discover Him and you’ll find all you need guaranteed in Him. The Bible is the only channel through which He speaks to us. That is why He had to make it infallible, indestructible, dependable. In fact, He lifted it above His name to perform it.  Because He cannot lie, His word cannot lie. It is truth in every sense of the Word. It can be trusted above every other word, decree, pronouncement or ordinance. If His word says it, then so be it. It is that simple.
Or is it? It is easy for me to write but when it comes to reality, can we really take the Word above everything else? By my experience, my answer is, we can. Why am I so bold to say so? Because I have been on both sides of the faith coin, faith in stuff as well as faith in the Word. In all cases of faith in stuff they disappointed me. All without exception. On the flip side of the coin, all my faith in the Word has paid off. Not because I got everything I asked for, but because in each case,  I came out stronger, better and full of the understanding that God is indeed for me. I was not hopeless, even in the place where I seemed not to get.  Faith in His word always delivered something that was good for me.
But I remember my stories of faith. Let me take my faith for having children. I remember getting pregnant for my first child and being full of fear of delivering the child. My Mum had us all by Caesarian sections and her sisters had all their children by the same way. My father had no sisters on his side. His parents battled with infertility before he showed up. I had nothing to hold unto.
I was seven months gone, when a series of classes called the Christian Parenting classes started in my local church at the time. They gave us the Word. We had the science but all that did was scare me more. I was supposed to be in labour for hours as a first timer. I was supposed to have a very painful time. It was supposed to be a super scary event. However, we were taught the Word. My delivery did not need to be long and painful because His word covered it. I stood on that word. I read it unto a tape and played the tape over and over again.  And by some ‘magical’ action of the Holy Spirit, it built my faith.
Delivery day came, and it was a breeze. I was not afraid. I knew what was going to happen. I was in control. I was able to manage the pain. I was a good example of a woman  delivering her first baby. I prayed out personnel  I did not want. When it was time, the doctors and nurses felt it could not be,  they expected me to stay there for hours more. I insisted and lo and behold the baby was right there. It took them all unawares. No cuts, no tears, healthy baby. And all was well. Far far better than I could ever expect. I was so grateful. I went on to have four more children, still standing on the Word. No cuts, no tears, healthy strong and complete babies. All by His word. I joined the team that teaches those classes and still teach it whenever I get the opportunity. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. I know because I experienced it.
I could tell of His word in every area of me life, marriage, children, healing, careers, ministry, provision, protection, relationships etc. The  Word works. The only challenge we have is to trust it enough to get into it, understand it before we can live by it.  It takes time to know the Word. It takes diligence to stay in the Word. It takes commitment to read the same document over and over again. It takes your entire life to live by the Word. Are you willing to give your life to it? That is the only way faith for life can truly come.
Look at it this way. How long do you have to spend time with someone before you can take him or her at her word? It is the same way it works with God and His Word. The more time you spend with Him through His  Word, the more you can trust Him. If the time you read the Word is only in church or 5 minutes before you go to work, then you cannot begin to trust in it. You will not be able to encounter the life changing power of the Word that way. Yu must spend quality time in it, then it will build faith, then it will deliver for you.
Am I saying anything new? To some people yes, to others this write up acts as a reminder to go back to your first Love. Jesus through His word. How did you stray from it? Go back, that is where all the answers are. You need faith, that is where you can get it. For the one who is just starting this faith journey, take my word for it. It is good enough. I’ve lived by faith in His Word for 24 years. All that I am today is a function of faith in the Word. The Word is all I say it is and so much more.  Faith indeed comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Be careful what you hear. Hear the Word and faith cannot but come. Trust me.  Ck