Godly Core Values

Recently I got some news about people I thought I knew very well. I was shocked by the things I was hearing. I would never have expected that the things I heard were possible with them. I agonized and wondered how people change so much. Change is a constant in life but I believe it should be positive.

It was about 4am in the morning. I just kept tossing and turning, worrying about this issue. So I asked myself a few questions. What can I do to ensure that I live consistently? What structures do I need to put in place to make sure I stay on course in life? How do I ensure that I do not swing with life’s tides as they come and go?

core values

I remembered an advert on TV-Crefflo Dollar’s Show. He has been announcing a program called ‘The Gathering’ for some time now and one of the speakers asked this question-What are your core values? It felt like a Eureka Moment for me. My answer lay in the core values I choose to live by. Life brings all kinds of experiences our way and we seem to be tossed around by life. But when you have core values you will not be tossed around and keep changing your position as it requires.

What are core values? Core values are the fundamental beliefs a person lives by. They are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action. They help people to know what is right from wrong.

Why do we need to live by core values? When we have core values, we reduce stress because we are not under pressure to conform to the world around us. We make better decisions, especially in times of conflict or confusion. They provide the motivation we need to live the lives we want.

As I lay in my bed I thought about myself and my core values. Do I have any? I realized I do have some but had no way of formally recognizing them because I had never written them down. In other words I could not be held accountable for them. So I got up and began to write them down so that I could hold myself accountable.

I know we are saved by grace but sometimes we tend to take God’s grace for granted. We make hasty decisions and grace covers us. We change with the tide and grace covers us. Grace covers but it also enables. It comes with power to live the Godly Christian life, live by Godly core values. I came up with my core values. I have chosen to live by them. I can be held accountable by them. Anyone who reads these and hears I am living contrary can remind me-‘Chinwe, I thought you had core values?’ Please hold me accountable.

  1. Honesty & Integrity- I will be truthful. I will not lie to myself or others even if it means I  get into trouble.
  2. Authenticity-what you see is what you get. I will be consistently who I am no matter where I am or who I’m with. I will not be mindful of pressures from without as I live my life.
  3. Giving-I will give of myself, time, money and resources. I will give of the essence of who I am, not my leftovers or rejects. I will give because I place value not just for the sake of giving.
  4. Servant-hood- I will serve others at work, in church, in my community. I will serve from my heart not caring how I am perceived or treated because I serve. I will serve as unto the Lord.
  5. Humility-I will be humble no matter the level of success God brings my way. Because I understand that God lifts up the humble. It makes God look in my direction.
  6. Content yet aspiring. I am content with what God has given me yet I aspire to greater heights-in my career, ministry and prosperity.
  7. Patience towards others- I will be patient with those God has brought my way. Those who are seemingly less than me by way of experience, exposure, prosperity, education etc. I will always recognize that because God is patient with me as big as He is and I must show that same grace to others.
  8. Patient towards God-I will be patient to wait on God for the things I want in life. I will wait for the Lord to bless because it is His blessings that make rich.
  9. Positive and expectant of God’s goodness, mercy and favor. Because I understand that His default towards me is to bless me, be good to me.
  10. Fearlessness-I will not fear the unknown, man, death or the devil. I reverentially fear God but not anyone one or thing else.
  11. Boldness and courage to walk in faith in the Word of God. My default is the Word of God. I will pray, believe, say, walk and act on it despite my circumstances.
  12. Excellence- I give everything I do my best shot. If I must do it then I must do it well.

I know that there are many more I can come up with but these are crucial to me. You may need come up with a completely different one but please put something together so you do not disappoint yourself. God will always forgive us, but how do we face ourselves when we find ourselves so far away from where God intended?

I believe I am making sense. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this issue. I made it a point of discussion at my home group. I talked about it on my radio show. I believe it is crucial to living whole lives that please God. The Bible teaches these things but a Personal Core Value List would amount to a summary of all the things God stands for, like summarizing your Bible. I hope you will put one together for yourself. I have. CK