The Word

Isaiah 55: 8-9

‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways’, says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts’

The Message

In the most recent past, I took stock of my life for the last ten years. I had so many questions for which the Lord had not given me answers. There were areas that I was very grateful for but there were some that just did not add up. I was feeling unaccomplished and unsuccessful in those. But as I spoke to the Lord about these things, He began to speak to me like He did to Job after all his wailing. The things He said to me, reminded me of this week’s text.

He made me understand that whenever He gives us an assignment, He has certain expectation that could be different from ours. For example, He could ask you to start a business, just to test your obedience and train you in His ways. That is His expectation. You, on the other hand, would expect to make money, which is a different expectation. You would do all you can to make the business pull in profits but He is not looking for profits.

At the end of the day, you may end up losing the business but have become more God like in the process. God is happy, but you are feeling like a failure because, He got what He wanted but you did not. So while you are moaning your losses, the Lord is excited that you have done well in your test.

He began to show me some of the things I accomplished over the past ten years which would have been impossible in other circumstances

  • Spiritual growth
  • Manifestation of ministry gifts. I began to minister to the larger church at a time my Pastor needed people to stand in for him
  • Building other women up, He reminded me of specific women
  • My fourth child would not have been born if the circumstances were different
  • My radio Ministry was born
  • My writing career was born
  • My marriage became stronger
  • I had great family times, some of the best moments of my entire life
  • My sojourn in Tanzania and some of the things the Lord would have me do here in Tanzania would have been impossible

These are the things the Lord expected out of my life, but I had other expectations. So I was moaning, but He is clapping and excited. He told me that Jesus went to the cross to give mankind the possibility of salvation. He has given us the free will to choose if we want that salvation. He will continue to reach out to mankind but He has done what needed to be done and that is why He was recognized by heaven as the King of Glory. If only one person responds to His love, He is still Lord for doing God’s expectation. He is not more Lord because more people come to Him. He is Lord because He went to the cross to do His Father’s will. He was successful in His mission.

In the same way, my obedience is what counts, my being available for His use was His expectation. I did not know that and had other expectations. But my duty is to obey and know that I am successful because I fulfilled His expectation. This put my life in a different perspective. I like what I have become, because it is more enduring than what my expectations were. It put a new song in my mouth.

Does anybody feel like I did? You have so many hanging expectations and you have obeyed the Lord over the years. You are wondering why your expectations are falling short. They are different than God’s expectations. He is pleased and will make it up to you with time. You just have to be patient and like Jesus, you will be crowned. That is the way it works with God. If His expectations are met in your life, then He will reward you because you succeeded as far as He is concerned.

When He says His ways are different, they really are. I believe our walk of faith should be about aligning ourselves with His to understand what His expectations from our lives are, so we can feel successful when we accomplish for Him. Even if the world is not applauding, you would know that your Heavenly Father is and that would make all the difference. It did for me. CK