Life is a journey. For some people it is better than for others. But it is a journey. We have an ultimate destination (for me, it is eternity with God) but there are no clear destinations in the journey of life, but we make stops along the way. Sometimes the stops are longer than others but
that does not make them destinations because ultimately, you must move again and again.

I guess that is what makes life an interesting journey- the movements. The stops could be long, short, good, bad, adventurous, boring, exciting, quiet etc. The more fun stops you have, the more interesting the journey is. When we pray, we ask God to make the journey interesting. We ask for the stops to be high points. However, life being life, must bring along the low points too. Otherwise it is no longer life but a party. Life is not a party. That is what makes it life.

As I get older, I am beginning to appreciate what life is really all about. The understanding I get makes me brace up for life and all its
stops. That helps me enjoy the highs and persevere through the lows. My only regret is that I did not always recognize the highs because I was looking forward to higher highs (if you know what I mean). So I did not get the best of the highs that came my way. I actually lost out.

The good thing about my life’s journey is that I have had more highs than lows. That is a good life and I truly appreciate that God has been good to me. But as I step out into the 2nd half of my life, I promise myself to party more in my highs. I will praise, I will rejoice, I will
enjoy the moment forgetting the past (what was) or the future (what could be) and simply savor the moment. That is the way to ensure that I get the most and best of my highs.

On the other hand, I will learn the lessons in my lows as fast as possible because I now recognize that is why they come my way- to teach
or prepare for the rest of the journey and all it will bring my way. I have the Spirit of God who can help me discern my lows and get me past them fast. That way, I also maximize my lows.
If I do my math right.
Highs + Lows= the Journey of Life
Maximized Highs + Maximized Lows = Maximized Journey of Life

I believe that is the equation God intended for us to live this journey of life. So I consider myself ready for the rest of my journey, the 2nd half of it. It promises to be far more exciting. I look forward to every single minute of it. CK