Modesta Lillian Mahiga, Group Managing Director, Professional Approach (PA), was on Dove Eyes on Sunday the 8th of January 2012. It was one interesting hour. Her zeal and passion for life was amazing. She comes across as a very humble but purpose driven person as she tells us about herself.

Modesta grew up with a single mother, who raised 5 of them to be focused and determined to succeed without paying too much attention to their cultural, racial, gender situations. That motivated her to perform in life despite the circumstances she had to face. She excelled in school and is doing great with work.

It’s the same philosophy that drives her passion to help the Tanzanian youth to become financially independent so they can contribute to nation building. She is passionate about that. It drives everything else she does. It began with her fighting legal battles for women and children, then she realized she needed to help them build capacity as entrepreneurs and professionals, so she went into Training. She also runs an NGO called Maisha for this purpose.

When asked about the God factor in her life, she became a preacher. She realizes that He is the one who has made it all possible. Without Him she can do nothing and she must decrease that He may increase. That says it all, doesn’t it.

She asked a few questions one must ask herself in making plans at the beginning of a new year, Why was I created, How will I accomplish it, What do I need to accomplish it, To whom am I called, What time frame do I need to accomplish it? At the end of the day, if one is able to answer all these questions, they’ll probably make it. She emphasized the need for a plan because ‘life happens’. Anything can happen to distract and derail you from your purpose. One must be armed with a plan.

Modesta happens to be my first guest since I started Dove Eyes in Dar Es Salaam. She also did an episode for the Lagos Dove Eyes. I admire her greatly. She will be the first of many more who will come to bring inspiration and motivation to our lives. Thanks Modesta for coming on Dove Eyes.