My Heart

The Word

Matthew 6: 21

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The Message

In recent times, my prayer times have been for God to purge my heart and make it truly His. I have often wondered how people who love the Lord can go in certain totally ungodly paths. I realized their hearts were the culprits. We can love God but harbor thoughts, desires and plans that are not in His will for our lives. When they take up or occupy our hearts, they become treasures we cannot walk away from.Godly Heart

I began to search my heart recently when I heard all kinds of things going on in the body of Christ. I realized that once you feel entitled to anything for your happiness, you will do anything to get it. After all, you ought to have it. In my musings I came to the place where in praying for my heart to be right with God, I let go of every desire. I see my only entitlement as the salvation His blood bought for me. Everything else, though part of the salvation package are what we call ‘jara’-pleasant extras given by grace.

So where does that leave me? I am grateful for my salvation. I am hopeful for all the things that come with it, but I will not be consumed by them. I will wait for His perfect timing. In getting them, His grace will be the instrumentality, so that, they truly bless me. I don’t have to do anything untoward simply because I have exalted them in my heart. Nothing is precious to me but the salvation which Jesus bought for me on the cross.

There are things I am trusting God for but they do not constitute my life, so I can live without them. I don’t have to have anything but the knowledge that God is pleased with me. I must keep my heart in the place of contentment where I am while hoping for the place I desire without desperation. I think that is what God expects. It is so easy to become callous in our hearts simply because of expectations of things He says He knows we have need of, to the point we begin to act like the heathen. I think that is why He says in 1 Corinthians 10:12 ‘’Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

I was talking to a friend recently and she told me, I had nothing to worry about. I am advantaged she said. I thought about it and all the things that appear to be plaguing my life as she spoke, my concerns, fears and worries. I had to point out to her that life is about perspectives, the eyes with which we look at it. I pointed out stuff in my life that if I allowed my perspective to change, hell would break lose in my life and it would be the same situations but my perspective would be the issue.

So another thing I pray will happen in my heart is to be able to look at my circumstances, even the negative ones, from God’s perspective. There would be no desperate moments because I see my life from His perspective.

Lastly, in praying for my heart, I choose to be grateful for the things He has done. I look for the most little things and thank Him for them. That my husband smiles at me, that my children call me Mummy, that I am able to eat my salad every morning, that I was able to bake a cake that did not go funny for my kids, that the traffic was not so bad, that ………. Fill in the gap, the things He uses me to do, every one of them is a privilege.  Before the big ones, the achievements, the house, the six figure job, the holidays etc. We all have so much reason to be grateful enough not to go off on ungodly tangents.

God is indeed good. He deserves our total commitment and loyalty. He should be the center of our hearts. Pleasing Him should be our only desire even when He appears to have turned His back. Because we know Him well enough to know He never does.  I know I can place my life in His hands and know He will keep it well, better than I can. That is the truth. Can we get our hearts to believe that? It would make all the difference to our responses. I pray everyday, ‘’Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You’’. It is the Word that will keep me in check in the right attitude, perspective and gratitude, to say faithful to God. My Heart. Your Heart. What is going on in our hearts? Ck