Rita Kahurananga was our guest on Dove Eyes last Sunday. She is the National Director, SOS Children’s Villages here in Tanzania and Zanzibar. She came on the show to talk about excellence at work. Why that Topic? Rita recently got an award from the CEO Round Table, one the most prestigious bodies in Tanzania recognizing her role in mobilizing public and private participation in the work she does in SOS Children’s Villages. We felt that, for the CEOrt to notice her work, she must be doing something right.

She told us a little about herself. The mother of two boys and graduate of Business Administration, went into taking care of children after watching a documentary where she saw a baby sucking it’s dead mother’s breast. She began to volunteer in World Vision and that was the beginning of the journey of looking after threatened children.

What motivates her to keep going at the SOS Children’s Villages? The stories that unfold from the children’s lives. She told the story of a disowned child who had been infected with HIV. She came to the Village and has since finished school and now works. She is still alive, after all these years despite the HIV infection. This is one the stories that keep her going.

How did she feel on receiving the Award from CEOrt? ‘Chinwe, to tell the truth, I was shocked’. But then, it is proof of her excellent work ethics. What are some of Rita’s work ethics. She says she does everything to the absolute best of her ability. She leaves no stone unturned. She crosses her ‘t’s and dots her ‘i’s. That is excellence. She says she once cleaned tables, a job in the early days. She would clean them till she could see herself in them. She concludes, ‘ I have not done badly from cleaning tables to where I am now’. In case you forgot, she is the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania and Zanzibar, an internationally recognized institution. That is how far excellence can take you.

I believe that people who have a God consciousness work differently than people who don’t. How does the God factor affect Rita in her attitude to work. She takes us to scripture, ‘ do not despise the day of small beginnings’. She believes that anything she is given to do deserves to be given her best shot no matter how small the assignment is. It has taken her one step at a time from cleaning tables to where she is now.

Rita also strongly believes, young people need to volunteer more for worthy causes. ‘They can learn a lot from volunteering’. It can also lead to permanent employment. ‘We have employed a few of our temps in times past’.

It was a real pleasure to have Rita on Dove Eyes. She called for people to feel free to support the work they do in SOS Children’s Villages. To find out more about them, log unto their website www.sos-childrensvillagestanzania.org and see how you can get involved. Amidst great inspirational music, we had a great time having Rita on board.