The Word 1 Kings 7: 1, 16 THEN ELISHA said, Hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord: Tomorrow about this time a measure of fine flour will sell for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel in the gate of Samaria! 16 Then the people went out and plundered the tents of the Syrians. So a measure of fine flour was sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, as the Lord had spoken [through Elisha].

The Message

Seasons come and they go. Nobody likes the bad seasons. Nobody enjoys them. However no matter how bad they are, they pass. In today’s
scriptures the Israelites went through one such season. There was terrible famine in the land. It was so bad that, women were offering to kill their children to eat. The king had gotten to the end of himself. He did not have any answers or solutions for the situation. He was so tired of the situation that he was looking for Prophet Elisha’s head. I don’t quite understand why he felt Elisha was responsible. I guess he was simply venting his frustrations. It was at this point that Elisha made that prophetic utterance that turned the fortunes of Israel.

‘By this time tomorrow’ has become a popular Christian cliché for people trusting God for overnight or instant miracles. The way I see it,
that phrase ushered in a season of blessings for the people of Israel. There was a bad case of famine but immediately the prophet spoke those words, the tides changed. The truth is that, it happened immediately the word was spoken but the people did not see it till the next day.

If you read the story, there were four lepers who were at the city gates simply waiting to die. Then it occurred to them to make one final attempt at survival. They decided to go to enemy camp, preferring to die in the hands of the enemy rather than hunger. As God would have it, there was no one in the camp. They found it completely empty. It seemed like the people ran off in a hurry because everything was left behind- Food, clothing, jewellery, ornaments, animals, etc. They obviously took off in a hurry. It happened the day before.

Apparently, they heard what seemed like a mighty army coming after them. They ran for their lives and left everything behind. What they
heard was the prophetic word that Elisha spoke that became a whirlwind of terrifying noise which they interpreted to be a strong and fast approaching army. But the spoken Word just developed a life of it’s own to make sure it came to pass just as it was spoken. And after having a feast themselves the lepers decided to report the matter to the king. Before they could say halleluyah, the people rushed into the camp, there was actually a stampede for food. The rest is history. The forces of demand and supply turned around and prices crashed from their famine heights.

I have personally been walking a ‘famine’ walk with God for the past ten years. I have been trusting God for certain things for a long time
now. Then suddenly He begins to speak this word to me ‘By this time tomorrow’. It is a bit difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that my Seasons are about to change, that I am about to walk into those things I have been praying about for many years. But I look at the way it happened for the Israelites and realize that the Word that has been spoken has already manifested itself. I am just about to walk into it.

Why am I sharing it with you? Because new seasons are here for all of us. If you can believe it, you will ultimately see it. I want to speak what my eyes of faith can see, what my ears of faith can hear and what my mind by faith can conceive. As I share it with you, it takes on life for them to manifest in my life. Join me in this process and see what the Lord will do. He will bring us into a new Season of Blessings. That is the kind of God we serve. He speaks a Word and makes sure it finds life. That’s the kind of God He is.Ck