The Word

Psalm 18:19

19 He also brought me out into a broad place; He delivered me because He delighted in me.

The Message

I had just finished praying and was going about getting ready for my day, when the song with the words in today’s title hit me right in my spirit.

‘Soaring, Flying, Breaking Free…..the words of a song I learnt with my children from the Disney musical High School Musical I. I asked myself, why that song? Then I realized that was the state of my heart at that time-Soaring with so much hope and expectation, flying above all my circumstances and breaking free from the shackles of worry, anxiety and fear. I feel like a brand new person.

How did I get here, to a hopeless, faithless, fearful, worry freak? I had to stop and ask myself that question. The aftermath of trying times can be two fold. You can either come out of it full of assurance that the God who brought you out will always see you through. Or you can come out of it, with your memory full of the bad times, afraid that another terrible thing will happen to you and very aware of how vulnerable we are as people living in these very uncertain times. I believe I came out of my most recent circumstances in the second category.

The news did not make it any easier. Every time you hear the news, failing economies, natural disasters, job loses, rising prices, scary health statistics……the list is endless. All I could see was why I could easily have to go another bad stretch. It was exhausting.

Then I had a really bad week, everything was slipping through my fingers and I was sinking into depression. My electric kettle packed up and so did my food processor in the same week. All I could think of were my failures and disappointments. To top it all, I had a real health scare and that was my wake up call. My state of mind was good ground for the enemy to bring his plans for me to pass. I had to say to myself and the enemy- he was behind it all, NO MORE.

I just began to praise, worship and pray and confess what God’s word says about me. I began to reject the plan of the enemy, began to take authority over the devil and all his cohorts on assignment in my life. And I felt like someone crawling out of a dark hole. I began to feel strong inside my heart again. I began to feel I was being inflated with strength right inside of me. It was a miracle. I got into my bed with my music on, praying in the spirit and got up the next morning completely transformed.

Since then I have been in the Word, reminding myself what He says about Himself, how dear I am to Him and why I need not worry, be anxious and afraid. He’s got my back. I did not get here in my strength, so I need not worry about sustaining it. He who began and has sustained it all these years knows exactly what to do to glorify Himself in my life.

Why am I sharing all this with you? I realized that we never arrive when it comes to our walk of faith. I did not think I could go on such a ride after knowing and walking with God for so many years. I have seen the hand of God in so many circumstances, I just did not think I could be so afraid. But there I was, a victim of life. There is always need to remind ourselves of His faithfulness and goodness.

So if you’re like I was, worrying about one thing or the other, find strength in my experience and take back the like God has given you. Don’t let the enemy toy with your life. He is a defeated foe. We are on the winning side. We must never forget. In fact we must constantly remind ourselves because life sometimes makes us forget.

I have been walking on air, very confident of the glorious future He has for me. I am trying to enjoy the life I have now-my husband, my children, my work, my ministry. My relationships. Living every day as full as I can and enjoying every moment of it. What could be better? Enjoy life. Enjoy your life. Soar, fly, break free. Ck