I am particularly excited about 2016. It promises to be a great and flourishing year especially for people of faith. It is a defining year for us despite the issues we have as a nation and the looming predictions. We will rise up to who are as people of faith. We walk not by sight but by faith. We see the things that are not as though they are. So even though the predictions Soaringmake sense, we will look above them and draw down solutions. We must not operate in fear and despair, because there is a lifting up even though it seems like there is a casting down. We must trust God enough to live our best most daring lives, the lives we truly want to live without being intimidated or afraid.

Soaring High in 2016 sounds like a mere cliché. What does that even mean? How do we do that? How do we position ourselves to arrive at our desired destinations in 2016? That is what this piece is about.

First we must have goals for 2016. What are your goals? You must have them written out. You must have them put up in a place where you will be in constant touch with them. You must also have a plan to achieve your goals. Goals without an execution plan will never become reality. This sounds familiar doesn’t it? But have you done it? If you leave them in your mind, they are mere wishes and guess what will happen to them? They will fly away by the time life hits you. Then you need to work those plans every day. Touch that plan every day and work it with diligence and excellence. That is the way to soar. First, you will feel like your life is purpose driven. Then you will enjoy the pleasure of approaching your gals with every passing day. What more could you ask for?

Second this you need to do is develop a mega mind. What is that? A mind that has no boundaries, a mind that operates outside the box. In fact it has no boxes. A mind that stays the course. A mind that keeps going despite what it sees. An actively dreaming mind. A mind that is full of the things you want to see rather than the negative stuff. A mind that does not comprehend word like impossible, I can’t, it’s too difficult. That kind of mind does not understand obstacles. There is always a way out. That is the kind of mind that will make it in 2016. I did not say survive but I said make it. In other words, that is the kind of mind that brings accomplishments of goals, succeeds at what they do. Nothing short of mega mindedness will work for 2016. So if you have dreams, goals and aspirations for 2016 and you are not mega minded, you will probably not make it. Fill your mind with pictures of the things you want. Surround yourself with things that sustain those pictures. Refuse to see the negative and stay that way. That is what it means to be mega minded.

Another thing you must do is find the goals you have put together in the Word of God. And meditate on them day and night. Never let them go. Put it on your devises as confessions. Thank God for technology. As people of faith we must find our lives in the Word. That is what will ensure that those goals become our reality. If you cannot find it in the Word, throw the goal away. Let the Word bring your goals to pass. That is the only way you can get the things you want and still have joy and peace. The Blessings of the Lord make us rich. WE want the true blessings of God.

One last thing is to pray in 2016. I am not talking about those wish wash ones we say when we are rushing off to work. We need to spend time in real prayers. Not just reeling out what we want but also understanding what He says and thinks so that you can get instruction and direction. That takes time and effort. You will have to wake up earlier, so no to some weekends out, or something. Pay the price in prayer. Don’t be slack in this area. It will help you deal with all opposition and distractions. It will keep you. Prayer will keep you tuned in to heaven. You will hear heavenly conversations about yourself that will change your life for ever.

I am feeling particularly good about 2016. WE all like New Years. We tend to cut off and start again. But that is not what I am feeling. Infact, I am going into the fullness of the things that began in 2015. It feels like a defining year when certain things I have hoped for will finally fall in place. I am watching as it unfolds. I know God does not operate in time, But He operates in seasons. At this time, His season for me and the new year coincide. That is good for me. That is why I feel this bubble in my heart. That is not to say I have not had scary moments but I dust myself up and keep going knowing that my Kairos moment is finally here.

At the end of the day, we must keep our hopes alive and dream as big as possible. We must not allow ourselves to lose the battle of the mind. We must stay connected with heaven and not allow our lives to be determined by the predictions. The word of God must be our mainstay. That is what will guarantee our success in 2016. I wish you the very best that 2016 has to offer. It will be a great year. Just watch and see. Ck