The Rest of God

 Hebrews 4:3,9,10
For we who have believed do enter that rest. ….There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself ceased from his works as God did from His.
It has been an amazing time, the past one year, just being with God. I must say the greatest facilitator was my husband not being around as he had to return to Nigeria from Tanzania ahead of us. I had to wait for the kids to finish the school year.  What does a woman do when she finds herself alone? I chose to spend time with my Father. I did not realize it was a set up.  But here I am, a year after and I am so grateful for where I am in Him today.
The Word has taken a new turn for me. It has truly become flesh to me. It was like i was seeing my life in the Word. It was magical. It has become my lifeline. It always has been, but even more so now. He would whisper His word and it would not go away. I could never be in doubt that it was from Him. Then i would open up to it and another life changing dialogue would ensue. Intense prayers ensued. I wrote about them last week. Prayers that began from Him, but found expression through me. new i was praying from Him, through Him and back to Him. How could i miss? I had no reason to despair or fear.
That is the best part of this entire process-the peace that i experience.  It truly passes all understanding. My circumstances and changing, but not as overnight miracles. Some of the things i have been praying about will take time to fully manifest but i have such great peace. I have truly entered the rest of God. Today’s text was simply following me around and i knew i needed to share it.
The place of rest in God comes from experiencing Him.  Rest and faith work hand in hand. Rest comes from deep assurance that God is faithful. It is not a function of everything around you being rosy, but a deep knowing that God will not let you down. You can only have that by knowing God. It is not just that you are a Christian or that you are born again, it goes beyond that. It is not even about how much of the Word you know. It is really about the quality of the relationship you have with God.
When you develop a good relationship, He fills you with Himself and that is where the rest comes from.  That is how you get to the place of deep knowing that all is well in Him. The Bible actually tells us to labour to get into that place of rest. What does that tell me? That is requires me to work hard and be diligent to get to that place. In other words, it is not easy to get there.
What makes it difficult? Everything. Life. As you read this, you may be the busy executive, or the working mother, or the student, or the wife or the business person. You don’t even need the enemy to show up to make it difficult.   Just living your regular life is enough to make it impossible. Some people commute 4 hours to work and back everyday. They are wives and mothers. How can they enter rest?
Then there is the enemy who has sworn we will not enter rest. He constantly throws things at us-sickness, worry and anxiety over bills, children going crazy, difficult relationships, unmet desires, the list goes on and on. How does one enter rest under these circumstances. That is why it requires effort. That is why we must be diligent to get into it. Because that is where our victory is. The rest of God. Once we enter that place, we become super humans. Nothing phases us. We become untouchable. That does not mean life will not happen in our space but our response mechanisms will be completely different.
Such things as unforgiveness , anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy, lack of self esteem, greed, cannot come from someone who has entered God’s rest. We have so many believers who are just not there. You can tell by their responses to situations around them. They fret in difficult time. They are impossible to live with. They are self absorbed. They are indifferent to the pain in their space. The only sign of their faith is their church attendance. They don’t in any way look, sound or feel like their Father. I don’ t think that is how God intended it to be. I strongly believe that all the problems in the Body of Christ is because people have not entered His rest. So they have not ceased to labour from their works. So they don’t thrive in His grace.
How do we get on course with getting to know God deeper, getting intimate? It starts with a decision. The decision to labour to enter that rest. When we understand that it is the only way that we can be all God intended we should be, it will motivate us to start. I know women who wake up at 4am so they can start their day with their loving heavenly Father. I know women who their cars are sanctuaries rather than means of transportation. I know people who run to the toilet just to spend time with Him. It starts with little things we may need to give up and they eventually add up. We become whole, are filled with His being, and we can live for Him the live He has called us to.
I share my life, my learnings, my experiences with you so we can all run this race together, every one on his or her track.  My life is mot perfect, but the more i seek Him, the more i experience victories over situations. The more i press in, the more i live in His rest. The more i know Him, the more i understand myself. The more real He is to me, the more life as it is makes sense. The more i can witness for Him.
This is a call to enter His rest. Please answer. It’s all for the best lives we can ever imagine. He is waiting. All you have to do is start and He will come running to you. He knows you can’t do it alone and He will meet you. Please come.