Last week we talked about pursuing your dreams. I hope you’ve been doing just that. This week we talked about leadership on Dove Eyes . I believe that being a leader means you are able to take charge and responsibility for yourself first, then others. Leadership does not always mean being in front of other people. you must be able to lead yourself.

Why do we need to be leaders? I also believe that if you’re not a leader, able to lead yourself, first and foremost, you won’t be able to actualize your dreams. What I’m doing is giving you the tools to be the best you can be.We’re inspiring you to be the leader you were created to be.

Let me ask a question- Are leaders born or made? What do you think? I asked listeners to send in their answers and here are some of the answers we got.

‘We are all Leaders in our different capacities. Some choose to practice others avoid it. But we all are born with the capacity.’

‘I believe true leaders are born, even the ones who are made leaders will always be born with attributes of a leader’

?’Leaders are made’.

‘Leaders are BORN’

‘True leadership is when u step out to lead even when there is nothing there for u.. No titles, no immediate benefits etc’.

?’Leaders and made. I believe there is a leader in everyone. We just need to cultivate them.’

‘Both… Born with th skills and character then developed and made through education and passion to be’

?’Guess it can be both ways. Some people are born with the skills while some could pick it up along the way’

And finally

‘Leaders are born AND made. Every human is born with Leadership qualities, whether he develops it later in life is another thing entirely’

Our listeners have spoken. So let’s go on.

What is the first thing a leader must know? Leadership is about service. You can never be a good leader except you are a servant leader. A servant leader serves with humility and compassion. He feels the pain and needs of his followers. He understands the responsibility of being in front of others. He puts the needs of others ahead of his.

What is the most important thing about you being a leader? Your character-Your character must line up. You must be the same in public and in private, when you have an audience and when you don’t. So many people who call themselves leaders have dual character. They are different when in public from when they are alone. They are able to distract people by their gifts-charisma, abilities, but they don’t have godly character. Leaders must build character to be good leaders. Otherwise, they are unable to finish well. Their lack of character will always catch up with them.

Another thing is that leaders must be accountable for their leadership. They must be able to answer questions asked. When a leader is not accountable, he has become Lord unto himself. That is bad news. Leaders must always put structures in place that make them accountable to the people they lead.

We are inspiring you to be the best leader you can be. You look out for your character, be accountable and then build your competence. You cannot be a leader in any field if you don’t know your onions. I read somewhere that to become experts in their fields, men like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to spend a minimum of 10,000 hours learning about programs, soft ware etc. How much time is that? If they spent 4 hours every day learning their trade, it took almost 7 years. Do the maths. Build competence to be a good leader so people can have confidence in you as a leader.

Finally let your leadership be as unto the Lord. He’s the ultimate leader. Am sure you agree. He will help, guide and lead you. He is a fair judge and rewarder. See you next week. CK