The Word
Proverbs 4:23
Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.
Luke 6: 45
45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
The Message
Last week I wrote about incubating in the Lord and that is just what I have been doing. I had a great week. I agreed with the Lord to meet up with Him every evening at 10pm which was a great challenge. I love my detective series and they all air at about that time-Law & Order, The Mentalist, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint. I had to shut them down.
Then I loaded my phone with all my favorite Christian music just to put me in the worship mode. I had to be intentional about this exercise so as not to be distracted. Then I got the kids to bed to avoid and ‘Mummy this or that’. All this was my way of shutting out the world around me so I could focus.
Then I began to pray in tongues with my headphones on, it did not take too long before the Lord began to show me a few things. Recently in church, my pastor in his latest teaching ‘the Kingdom of God’ had asked us to write a pledge of allegiance to God and I had written mine just before the beginning of my incubation process. My major commitment was to trust Him more. And that became the focal point of my process.
What are the things that hinder us from trusting the Lord? I felt like the Lord wanted to show me why I was having a hard time trusting Him at this point of my life.-the state of my heart. I know my spirit is where the Spirit of God is. However the state of my heart can drown what goes on in my spirit. While my spirit is reaching out to God, my heart has all kinds of activity going on that makes the connection my spirit is yearning for impossible or at best, very difficult. So, there was a need to look at the ‘goings on’ in my heart.
For me it was three things, worry about my future, fear of bad tidings and a lot of noise from my life. Why do I worry about my future? The instability of life has become so obvious to me that I worry if the future I am dreaming about is really possible. What makes me afraid of bad tidings? My own experience in the most recent past and all the things going on around the world. I just fear that things will go wrong again. Why is there so much noise in my heart? The worry and fear have voices. Then my responsibilities make it difficult for me to have quiet in my heart. I have to plan my time. I have to cook meals. I have school runs. I have 4 children who have all kinds schedules I have to manage. I have to keep it all going. It creates noise in my heart..
Why am I sharing such intimate details with you? First to encourage you to create the time to incubate in the Lord so He can open you up to yourself. I saw the exercise as an irrigation of the heart. Have you ever done a colonic irrigation? It cleans out your large intestine of debris that has been there for ages which you don’t realize. This debris makes it difficult for your body to function maximally so you keep feeling unwell but the doctors can’t find anything wrong with you. I did not realize that I had so much debris running around with me, but I did not have enough confidence for life. I was not getting expected results.
Secondly, I know that everyone deals with these issues of worry, fear and noise at various degrees. These are Satan’s best tools to truncate the plans of God for the believer. Faith to trust God takes place in the heart. If your heart has worry, fear and noise, faith cannot take place. If faith does not take place, you cannot please God. Neither can you begin to live the life God has for you. Which is why we must stop and consciously look inwards to expunge them from our hearts.
All week, I had to keep talking to myself, ‘I will not worry. I will not be afraid. I shut down the noise. I will not worry because God can take care of my life. I am precious to Him so He will take care of me. There is no need to fear. God is in perfect control. He has my life worked out and will take care. Nothing about my life takes Him by surprise. My dreams for my life, my husband and children will come to pass. He is my dream maker, he can bring them to pass because nothing is impossible with Him’. I spoke to myself over and over again, till my peace and composure returned.
I knew I had it when I had to face an Executive Committee of one of our clients to present a report and had to answer very antagonistic questions. I was calm. I was articulate. I stayed with my point. I was not rattled. I took on a very tough meeting all by myself against about 10 people who were all heads of departments. I just knew I was back on the block.
My state of heart changed just from spending a few hours at a time with the Lord. It was not prayer time, where we are asking God for stuff, but a time of true revelation. I did not quite like what came up, but I was glad to have finally figured out what was wrong. I have been walking on air since then. Even my kids are enjoying me more. I have been shouting less. Yet being firm and insisting on what I want. I feel like a bird, free indeed. Free of worry, free of fear and much more quiet in my heart.
This exercise could exorcise so many other issues in your life. But like the debris in your colon, you don’t realize how much harm it is causing you because you are still alive. You need to irrigate. Draw close now so you can be all you need to be for God. So you can fulfill your dreams. So you can live your life to the fullest. Come close. You’ll be glad you did. Ck