ImaginationI am still so excited about this year 2016, even though we are now in February. I can no longer call this a new year. That means we need to get on with the year. At this point we should be working our aspirations and dreams for the year.

I asked myself how do we do that and I had heard a sermon by Pade Durotoye, Unleashing the Power of Imagination in 2016. This is my summary of the things he said that day. I think this is another way of saying live by faith because faith and the imagination walk side by side.

How do we unleash the power of our imagination? How do we unleash this power in our lives to arrive at the lives we truly desire? Let me start by asking a few questions. Do you believe God is your heavenly Father? Do you know He is the all powerful God? Do you know that God is the one who enables us to use our imagination? Do you know that God has great plans for your life? Do you know that He desires that you have a good life? I hope your answers to my questions are yes. That means you are ready to use your imagination to your maximum advantage. When God wants to bless you, He triggers off something in your imagination, the thing to do is to agree with your imagination to bring it into your reality. Once you build the life you want in your imagination, you need to keep it alive until you experience it in the natural. At the backdrop of your imagination must the God who is lovingly crafting out the life He planned for you from the beginning of time.

When you are using your imagination you create a virtual world. It is so real to you, it motivates your actions. Even though you do not physically see it, it keeps you alive. Does that not sound like living by faith and not by sight. It is not the same as dreaming. Neither is it the same as wishing. That is some level of using your imagination but they do not produce results. When your imagination is active, it is ruled by a mega mind that is totally focused on what it sees. That is the type of imagination God uses to bring His goodness into your life. You could call that level of imagination faith. What makes it special is that it is active and alive. It propels your life. That is the kind of imagination that took Joseph from his father’s house to becoming Prime Minister in Egypt and eventually saving his family. Or Joshua and Caleb when they led the Israelites into the land of Canaan.

When your imagination begins to work, life sometimes throws things at you to attempt to stop the flow of your thoughts. Fear of disappointment. Will it work? Can I really experience it? And because we don’t want to experience disappointment, we let our desires go. Sometimes our reality is so daunting that it takes way too much to keep your imagination alive. You just cannot get past what is happening all around you. Circumstances frustrate your power of imagination. What you must do is recognize that these obstacles to your imagination are robbers with an assignment to rob you of the life you truly want. When you see them you must recognize them for what they are and resist them. They are enemy tools to deny you of God’s plan for your life. You must not let him. Stay with your dreams. That is active imagination.

God uses your desire to work out other things in your lives. The more you engage with your imagination, the more God uses your desire to work out Himself and His character in you. To enter into the reality of your dreams, you must pay the price. He will take you on a journey. He will teach you the things you need to learn to get into realizing your dreams. Then when he has prepared you, He rewards you with that thing you desired in the first place. Isn’t He am amazing God. That is the way it works though. It is still all within His grace.

Finally, as you work your life from imagination to reality, remember that you must be grateful. It is easy to be grateful for the things God has done, but I am talking about gratitude for the things that are still in your imagination. Thank Him profusely for them all the time. Avoid complaining when things seem like they are going contrary and it is just a matter of time and you will experience your dreams live. Once you can keep the gratitude tap flowing that is the key that locks it all in. Remember you are dealing with the faithful God. He does not fail. Trust me on that one. Start using your imagine and draw down the goodness of God, your destiny. That is really what living by faith is all about.