This week’s episode of Dove Eyes, was about what wealthy people, millionaires, think and do. I am not talking about the ‘get rich quick’ genre of millionaires that cannot really define how the wealth came. I am also assuming that wealth means some level as success which is what we are all aspiring to. They idea is to let you know how they think so you can adjust your behavior to think like a millionaire and hopefully become one. I will be giving it a slightly Biblical twist so that it becomes very clear that God also desires that we become millionaires. I also realize that the rules here apply to achieving success in any area of our lives-marriage, relationships, business projects, service to God, just about anything. So, it pays to pay attention to these habits, so we can enjoy a higher level of success in every area of our lives.

  1. The first thing millionaires do is make the decision to become millionaires and set targets for themselves. You can’t really get anything done without making the decision, especially something as big as becoming a millionaire. Making the decision helps you become purposeful. It amounts to counting the cost before building a house that Jesus talked about (Luke 14:26-30). If you don’t make the decision, chances are that you’ll never get there. Make the decision
  2. Next thing millionaires do is get rid of poverty thinking – Think about it. There’s no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. So many people struggle with the idea of being wealthy. For people of faith, there is a constant argument about how much wealth is acceptable for a believer. As long as you’re uncomfortable about it, you cannot have it. The anointing you respect is the one you can access. You will have to renew your mind about wealth ( Ephesians 4:23) and be comfortable with it. If you’re constantly thinking about cutting costs, feeling guilty every time you buy something for yourself, you have the poverty mentality. Real wealth and abundance aren’t created from such thinking. So liberate yourself from thinking poor.
  3. Another thing millionaires do is, they treat their work like a duty to humanity. Multimillionaires are motivated not just by money, but by a need for the marketplace to validate their contributions. They are driven by the need to contribute consistent with their potentials. Multimillionaires don’t lower their targets when things get tough. Rather, they raise expectations for themselves because they see the difference they can make with their families, company, community and charities. Men like Bill Gates are no longer driven by wealth but the value they create.
  4. Another thing that people need to do to enter the millionaires’ club is to surround themselves with Multimillionaires . They study wealthy people. They read their stories and see what they went through. These stories inspire them. You can’t learn how to make money from someone who doesn’t have much- people who say, “Money won’t make you happy”, “All rich people are greedy”. Wealthy people don’t talk like that. You need to know what people are doing to create wealth and follow their example: What do they read? How do they invest? What drives them? How do they stay motivated and excited? Spending time with them helps you understand how they live.
  5. Wealthy people treat time differently. They place value on time. They buy it, while poor people sell it. The wealthy know time is more valuable than money itself, so they hire people for things they’re not good at or aren’t a productive use of their time, such as household chores. But don’t kid yourself that those who hit it big don’t work hard. However they spend time on income generating activities, not just anything. Financially successful people are consumed by their hunt for success and work to the point that they feel they are winning and not just working.
  6. Wealthy people also shift focus from spending money to investing it. The rich don’t spend money, they invest. That is what the servants with the five talents did. They multiplied it (Matthew 25:16-20). You buy a house and can’t write it off. The rich, in contrast, buy an apartment building that produces cash flow as well as appreciates. You buy cars for comfort and style. The rich buy cars for their companies that are deductible because they are used to produce revenue. That is the way wealth is built and sustained.
  7. Wealthy people create multiple flows of income. The virtuous woman had this going for her (Proverbs 31:10-31). She was into importation, real estate and fashion design-multiple streams of income. She never lacked. The really rich never depend on one flow of income but instead create a number of revenue streams. I found this very instructive. We are often told to focus, so you’re not a ‘Jack of all trades’. Now we have to think outside the old box.
  8. Lastly there is Someone who is very keen on you becoming wealthy- the Man upstairs, God Himself. He has given you all that you need to fulfill all your dreams –including becoming a millionaire. He wants you to fly. He gives the ability to create and build wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Building wealth without God is foolishness, because it requires the wisdom only He can provide to sustain it and keep it well. That is why He warns against building without Him (Psalm 127:1). That is why all kinds of foolishness are also found among the wealthy- drugs, alcoholism, unfaithfulness, greed, jealousy etc- because they get into wealth creation without the creator of the wealth. We can have wealth and be happy, if we bring God into the equation.Start the wealth creation journey with Him and you can never fail.

One of our listeners was concerned at the beginning of the program. She felt it would be another ‘get quick rich’ kind of thing. I put her heart at rest. Our business is to motivate and inspire you to live the best life you can live. I hope we have been able to do that. I would like to meet someone five years from now who comes up to me and says, ‘I listened to your program five years ago and decided to succeed. I took all the habits you mentioned and here I am today’. He would have made the entire process worth my while. Now, who wants to be a millionaire? Ck