The Power of a Woman

womanI was driving in my car one afternoon, a while back and I felt the Spirit of God say to me, ‘the woman is the strength of the family’. I pondered on it and agreed with Him. I remembered how many families I know who fell apart because the woman was absent either because of divorce or death. Everything just goes wrong. It takes Godly intervention for things to get back to normal before which so much would have gone wrong. I concluded that, to enable us as women, we have divine empowerment that is peculiar to us. I choose to call that the Power of the Woman.

Before we start to talk about the power have as women we must first understand who we are. When God created the woman, the Bible says He fashioned her. In Genesis 2:22, ‘And the rib or part of his side which the Lord God had taken from the man He built up and made into a woman, and He brought her to the man’, the words ‘built up and made’ actually mean that she was created specially. In other words, God took His time to create His master piece. She was his last creation and His joker.

In describing her, He called her The Helper, the same word he called the Holy Spirit when he introduced Him in the New Testament. That is why she is involved in every major thing God has ever done. He brought her along when He created Adam. The enemy understood her role and function and got her to help his evil plot. In the same vein, in restoring man God used the woman. In every major plot in the Bible, God always involved the woman, good and even some ‘bad’ ones-Hannah, Abigail, Ruth, Rahab, Mary-Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Priscilla, etc.

As women, we must walk around with  a consciousness of who we are in God’s eyes rather than in the eyes of men. That is the only way we can walk in the fullness of the power we possess as women. The systems will always try to make us objects of our sexuality, weight, hair, complexion etc. We must rise above those stereotypes and see ourselves as we really are-Empowered to ensure God has His way on the earth.

One of the powers we have is the Power of Intuition. We just know things by intuition. We know and we know. It can help us in dealing with people, making decisions, or choices etc. I am not sure that women walk in that power as much as we ought to. ‘ I remember my Mother once telling me about one of my boyfriends, ‘ I don’t know what it is but he is not good for you’. I asked her how she figured that out and she said she could tell from the way he held me. I thought that was absurd. Luckily, I found out eventually she was right. I only suffered a broken heart but it could have been much worse. When a woman ignores her power of intuition, she will ultimately experience pain. I lost my first child because I refused to co operate with my intuition as the doctor examined her and administered medications. I flet she should have done something else but did not speak up. She dies a few days later. We must be sensitive to our intuition. As wives, and mothers we must stay in touch with that power. That is the only way we will succeed.  We stay ahead of the race of life that way.

The Power of Creation is the ability to receive a seed, incubate it, and bring it forth. That is so powerful. The seed is usually thought of as a child, but it could be an idea, a project, a movement. We incubate it until it comes alive. That is the power of creation. The power of the womb.

Where men have tried and failed, a woman will succeed because she is wired to bring forth. She has the patience, the incubating and nurturing power to work it until it yields results. That is the power of the woman. She builds her husband with God’s mandate. She builds her children with their God given mandates. She can build her community. She can build her nation. As long as she wields that power inside her.

The Power of Persuasion. Many great men have been led astray by women who use this power wrongly. However many women have raised great men by this same power. The ability to persuade in the direction they wish. They say it’s a man’s world but we have seen this power at work so often, and it changes the course of history sometimes. Whose world is it really?

The Power of her Knees. There is something about the prayer of a woman. Is God biased towards her, I don’t know. However, when a woman cries out to God, He hears and answers. Even God asked for them in Jeremiah 9:17,18,  ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider and call for the mourning women to come; send for the skillful women to come. 18 Let them make haste and raise a wailing over us and for us, that our eyes may run down with tears and our eyelids gush with water’.

The solution of our nation’s problems lies with the women through our prayers. Protests are fine, but prayers are crucial. The power of her knees must come to play.

As women, we must celebrate our power. We must not undermine it. We must exercise it with Godly wisdom so that we get the desired results in our marriages, our children’s lives, our communities, our nation at large. We must rise up and take our place at this very crucial time in the history of our nation. By exercising our God given power, we can make the difference.