Another year has rolled in, 2018 at last. If I had my way, I would make 2017 disappear into oblivion, like it never happened. It was quite a year. I heard a man of God who brought my desire for 2018 into perspective for me. Pastor Lemuel George described it as a year when the Chronus of time would collide with the God’s Kairos moment to bring new seasons and dispensations to birth. Is that not something to look forward to?

I am looking at Dove Eyes and all I can see are new horizons, more influence, more impact. We have so much more to look forward to. This year our focus will be on empowering women with skills to build strong families and yet hold their heads high in the market place.  It sometimes appears that the two positions are mutually exclusive. Proverbs 31 provides a Godly model who was able to balance it all out. The wisdom she needed and the strength of character to walk with God are our source of motivation to live our best lives as women.

In trying to bring God’s thoughts to life we will use all the communication channels available to us. Dove Eyes will go live on YouTube this first quarter. We will launch 2 books this year. We will also host an event this year. It promises to be a full year.

Many years ago I began a walk with God that demanded letting everything go and letting God. Like Abraham I just followed, expecting it all to go well. But it seemed to be taking forever to make any sense of all my decisions. Recently, the Lord made me see that instead on seeing it all from a perspective of nothing, I should see it as having sown my life into Him. I should begin to draw in my harvest. It changed everything for me. Since then I simply tagged the year, 2018, My Year of Harvest.

I realize that I will have to walk closely with God in prayer and the word to actually experience the things I can see with my spiritual eyes. I know God is the one who teaches my fingers to war. I know that I am on the winning side. The victory has already been won. I just need to enforce it.

I expecting God to show up for me from all sides- professionally as well as in ministry. I pray the Lord to give you a personal word you can work with. It will energize, motivate, and strengthen you to enter into His promises for you in 2018.

Have a great year.