With God

Luke 1:37

37 For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Psalm 37:25

25 I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.

The years 2006-2010 were traumatic for me. A lot of things happened in my life. My entire faith was rattled. It looked like everything I believed about God was being shaken. It was like I had believed a lie. Christian people around me who I had so much respect for were saying things I could not believe. They were behaving inappropriately and were not apologetic about it. I just could not understand what was going on.

Worse still was the fact that I expected other people to react, but I got cold indifference to say the least. Are we still believers? For a brief moment, I almost bought a lie. ‘Maybe you are taking this Christianity thing too far’. But I shook myself out of it. God’s word does not change. People change but God does not.

I believe in the power of prayer, so I prayed like never before. In fact, my menstrual cycle shifted. It was like I was birthing something. I broke out massively all over my body because of the intensity of my prayers. I prayed from the very depths of my heart. But guess what, nothing happened. Things got worse. That worried me even more. After all, the Bible says, ‘if you pray according to His will, He hears us and He answers’. Why was He not answering me? Very puzzling. This matter concerned Him. I could not understand His delay in answering.Ck & Judith

As time went on, I came to the understanding that sometimes God’s word takes it’s time to manifest itself. Do you realize how many years, Jesus had been prophesied about before He finally showed up? Some people would have thought the promise of His coming was a figment of their imagination. But He eventually came.

About that time, I read a novel whose primary character was an old grandmother who eventually died at the age of eighty-four.  For no logical reason, I told the Lord to give me till I am eighty-four like He did, the woman in the story. Why did I ask? I needed to give the Lord enough time to work His word in the circumstances I was agonizing about. I needed him to vindicate me. I needed to have faith that the word was actually true. So I left the matter and began what I thought would be a decades of waiting.

To my greatest surprise, it took only four years for water to find it’s level. The matter I prayed about only took 4 years to align itself with God’s word. Just 4 years. Something I thought would take eternity took four years and it was all over. I felt stupid. Because I had hinged the longevity of my life on this matter just because of the intensity of the moment. I had to simply ask God to give me long life as His word says. Long life being a minimum of the eighty four I had earlier asked for. There are other things I still want God to sort through that will require time. But this particular issue was a miracle to me. I got a bb message and everything had changed.

There are other things that have happened in my life that took a while for God’s word to align. Some are decisions I made based on my understanding of the word and my relationship with Him. I expected certain results but somehow they did not happen. Instead other things happened. Some of those decisions brought me some level of humiliation, subtle rejection and not being accepted. I was seen as ‘less’ than others. But I had to live with my decisions.

When things were not going as planned, I compared myself to people who had not made my type of decisions, forgetting that we have different courses to run, that God Has a plan for me different than theirs. It looked like life was happening for them and I was on the side lines. Then things happened in their lives and I begin to wonder. It looks like working God’s word and plan for my life is the answer. I was not wrong. My decisions were good and Godly decisions. They are just beginning to pay off, so many years after.

Dove Eyes, my radio show is one of those fall outs from the decisions of my life. I had opened a beautiful salon called Ruthies. I had done my homework, but it never really happened as I expected. We had to shut after 5 grueling years. I could not understand it. I had prayed and prepared for it for many years. But as I was shutting down, Dove Eyes was on my mind. I felt the Lord leading to air a Bible based program for women on radio. He told me it would be African. I could not imagine how that would happen. It was tough to keep it on air in Nigeria what more taking it out to Africa. Then suddenly I had to be move to Tanzania. I saw the vision in our trip to Tanzania. The full story is in my e book My Journey To Finding Purpose. Click on link to get your copy copy. https://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Cart/Default3Phase.aspx?BookSId=SKU-000562791

After almost a year in Tanzania, I got an opportunity to air the program in Dar Es Salaam on one of the topmost English speaking channels, Choice FM. I saw the hand of God move on my behalf. It was a great door, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Just yesterday, I handed the Presenter baton to Judith Namazzi, who will be anchoring the program as I head back to Nigeria soon. It will be on air even though I am no longer on the scene. He is still working the His African promise. There is still the rest of Africa to reach.

As it is, I still have many years to eighty four, but I share this with you to testify like David, that the righteous can never be forsaken. It does not matter how long it takes, God’s word will not fail. Sometimes it appears not just to fail but to actually die. That is the best part because when that happens then resurrection power sets in to give the promise new life. It will bounce right back and do the impossible. That is why nothing is impossible with Him. When natural laws are exhausted, His supernatural laws set it, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus will set in to prove that God is ever faithful. Let us hold unto that word, that promise or that understanding. Let us live by them, knowing that He will never forsake us.

As I round up, I rejoice because my best years are still ahead. The promises are so real to me. It is impossible for them to fail. I have also asked for the necessary length of time to ensure that they don’t happen behind me. I will see every word He has spoken to me come to pass in my life time, even if it takes longer than the eighty four years. Trust God with me. He is faithful. Nothing is impossible. Ck